The VEA Program

We prepare our stakeholders for a future of rapid change.

Through immersive educational and internship programming, we support some of today’s most innovative companies, broaden the academic reach for today’s most forward-thinking veterinary colleges, and build creative, confident, exponentially capable students. All of our stakeholders build their capacity to thrive in the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous future that we face as a society.

Our goal: increase the level of innovation and entrepreneurship in the veterinary profession.

We’re pursuing this goal through the delivery of immersive, high-impact, and global educational experiences that build the entrepreneurial mindset. These learning experiences complement the critical-thinking and problem-solving skillsets that vet students are already building in college. Our students are already demonstrating a positive, real-world impact in the veterinary marketplace.

Through a 10-week summer internship, we match entrepreneurially-minded students with companies that aren’t afraid to rethink the traditional model of veterinary care, that aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo, and that believe in creating a positive impact in our profession. We’ve found that this relationship harnesses the student’s passion and company’s experience in a way that advances both.

Our Partners

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Our Faculty

Our forward-thinking curriculum doesn’t provide just theory.
Students also learn from the real-world experience and business expertise of our amazing guest speakers.

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