Robert Trimble, DVM

  • Director of 2019 VEA Program

  • Previous co-founder @ Fuzzy

  • Exponential org design speaker & consultant

  • Passionate about modern team management and leadership

  • Extensive experience in scaling mobile veterinary healthcare teams.



  • Experienced practitioner multi-practice owner

  • Veterinary business, finance, and ethics speaker

  • Special interest in using modern educational models to build resiliency in personal finance

Aaron Massecar, PhD

  • Developed and taught 30+ college courses with a decade of program management experience

  • Author of two books and five journal articles

  • Consultant and coach in the areas of company culture, change management, and effective habit formation.


Elliott Garber, DVM, MS, MPH

  • The "Uncommon Veterinarian"

  • Published author, startup advisor, and Army veterinarian

  • Extensive global experience in areas of public and one health

  • Special interest in e-commerce


Adam Little, DVM

  • Co-founder & CTO @ FuturePet

  • Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Texas A&M

  • Singularity University graduate

  • Member of international veterinary boards

  • Passionate about accelerating technologies and their impact on veterinary medicine


Caleb Frankel, VMD

  • Founder & CEO of Instinct Science

  • Published author, entrepreneur, and founder of VMD Technology

  • Experienced ER veterinarian

  • Special interest in practice management and workflows